12-sided urethane barbells are made entirely in the USA with anti-roll heads and straight or EZ curl handles. They also prominently display bright, easy-to-see weight numbers.

Hammer Strength premium urethane dumbbells are made in the US and offer superior durability with an injection-molded exterior and high-grade steel. 12-sided, anti-roll heads, compact design and flared handles make them easier to use and control.

Weights: 5-175 lbs

4-sided urethane barbells are available to purchase individually or as a set, with options for straight or EZ curl handles. Featuring bright, easy-to-see weight numbers and smooth contours to roll or remain in place when needed.

Weight Range: 20 – 110LB

Boasting a high-quality urethane construction and a premium look and feel, Hammer Strength 4-Sided Urethane Dumbbells are everything you need in a dumbbell.

Featuring an anti-roll design, ultra-durable chemically bonded UV resistant urethane, medium knurled chrome handles and superior protection against wear and tear; these dumbbells are long lasting and will serve your exercisers for years to come.

Weight Range: 5 – 150LB


•    5 – 50LB
•    7.5 – 27.5LB
•    55 – 75LB
•    80 – 100LB
•    105 – 125LB
•    130 – 150LB

*Also available for individual purchase.

Integrate light strength training into your group fitness classes with the Cycle Studio Dumbbells.

Enabling your members to transition between cycling and weight training with ease, the Cycle Studio Dumbbells are perfect for all types of circuit training and are designed to fit seamlessly with the Indoor Cycling experience.

Available up to 20LB in weight, exercisers can intuitively pick the dumbbell that matches their fitness level and goals. The anti-roll heads were designed to be set down without rolling away, but rounded enough to be pushed aside to make space.

The high-quality urethane protects both your dumbbells and floors from any nicks, scuffs or streaks. The construction of each dumbbell features a 5IN long contoured ergonomic handle with an embossed gripping pattern and 1.25IN diameter for comfort.

Hammer Strength Standard meets decades of proven PowerBlock design and legacy – the Hammer Strength Pro100 Commercial Dumbbells revolutionize efficiency and versatility, replacing numerous traditional dumbbells while saving on costs and storage.

With color-coded side rails and an easy weight chart, the nested weight plates and convenient handle ensure simple and seamless weight adjustments.

Weight Range: 5 – 100LB in 5LB increments

A specifically formulated rubber blend is overmolded and bonded to this dumbbell core to provide an unmatched level of quality at an economical price. Underneath this protection lies the industry’s best press fit, with the dumbbell head and shaft hydraulically pressed and secured together to prevent loosening and rotation.

Pressed and secured onto a precision machined splined shaft then overmolded with premium urethane shipped from Germany. These dumbbells guarantee the quality and durability facilities expect. Bright, visible weight numbers make these dumbbells easy to identify.

These rubber HEX dumbbells deliver the perfect balance of quality and price to any facility. They are overmolded with heavy-duty rubber, have tapered handles and large weight numbers to make them accessible and hassle-free for everyone.

Weights: 5lbs – 100lbs (5lb increments)

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